23 June 2023

Cannes Deconstructed 2023 

Our Cannes Deconstructed briefing looks at the most interesting and important trends from this year’s Cannes Lions festival, all through the lens of the winning work.

Cannes Deconstructed / 50 minutes + Q&A 

As ever, Contagious spent time in seminars and press briefings, grilling jury presidents on the winning campaigns and interviewing experts on the state of creativity. That’s what makes our Cannes Deconstructed briefing the definitive guide to what matters in advertising and creativity – and why. If you want to understand the trends and themes that will shape the industry in the year ahead, if you want expert analysis of the most significant and directional campaigns from the festival, this session delivers it all in one inspiring hour.

    You’ll learn 

    • The insights and strategies that underpin the smartest campaigns of the year
    • The jury perspective on what it took to win in 2023
    • The trends that are shaping the most effective, influential work and what they mean for brands
    • Which campaigns are raising the bar – across a diverse range of brands and markets – and what makes them relevant to other advertisers and categories too

    Check out this short sample of the full Cannes Deconstructed briefing:

    Themes covered 

    More Human Through Tech 

    AI and innovation featured heavily at Cannes this year, but not in a deluge of brash tech-first campaigns. Instead of getting ready to meet our robot overlords, what came through in the work was a people-first focus on tech’s capacity to enable, enhance and support everything that makes us most human.

    Unreasonable Effort 

    'Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect' - Raymond Teller. In this section we'll analyse the campaigns that drove sales and won top awards by going way above and far beyond in their attention to detail, their output and their sheer effort to connect and cut through.

    Proactive pragmatists 

    After more than a decade of ‘purpose-lite’ work and good brand intentions, Cannes juries’ patience for campaigns that raise awareness without also driving action has finally run out. This year top honours went to problem-solving pragmatists with an appetite for practical change and the tenacity to make it happen.

    Fuelling Fandoms 

    Every community on the planet has its own language, customs, rituals and culture. Brands more than ever want to be a part of the conversations within these tribes but all too often miss the mark and make forgettable or even offensive communications. But when done right, the rewards can be well worth the risk – it just takes a bit of cultural fluency, value exchange and insider knowledge. Here we learn from the brands that got it right at Cannes this year

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